Machine Vision.
Hardware and software systems
Microscopes, camera and softwares for microscopy.
Solutions for conveyor productions.

Machine vision. Quality control. Electronic solutions.

Development of software and hardware systems, including based on machine vision technology for quality control tasks, etc. And various electronic solutions for industry, medicine and other fields.

Why Altami

More than 15 years of experience

More than 15 years of

Quality assurance


Qualified specialists


Saving customers budgets

customers budgets

Keeping to specs and project deadlines

Keeping to
specs and
project deadlines

Machine vision

Rich experience

Computer algorithms, optical and electronic systems for the control of products and manufacturing equipment. We use both third-party technology and our own accumulated experience and knowledge to analyse the photographic and video streams to meet the objectives of a project.

Quality control

Products Sorting

Solutions for quality control of products, including bulk materials by optoelectronic systems. High sorting speed is ensured by reliable algorithms developed by our experts.

Electronic solutions

Factory modernization

Electronic and optoelectronic solutions for machine tool manufacturers and manufacturers allow us to modernize the equipment fleet, offer new products to the market with a modern level of automation, precision, compatibility with CAD systems and cloud applications.

Advanced Team

Your project will be a solution

Advanced team for custom project tasks

We are advanced team for custom projects.

Your project will be handled by an advanced team with experience in implementing projects in many industries
Designers, CAD specialists in electronics, and programmers work under the control of the project manager, with clear respect for requirements specification and deadlines.

Entrust your project to us

Best result in price/quality ratio
  • Experienced engineers, circuit designers and software developers
  • Knowledge of the modern element base
  • Possession of best project practices
  • Respect for specs, deadlines and project discipline
  • Confirmed experience with custom projects
  • Feedback and recommendations from well-knows brands

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Scheme of work


Client's task


Client’s task
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Manufacturing process
Agreement of works


Agreement of works
Development process


Development process