Altami Electronic Solutions



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    We Are Altami

    We are the centre of competence in the field of custom projects based on computer vision and optoelectronic systems for industry, transport and medicine. 
    Altami implements projects on the basis of best machine vision and optoelectronics practices in Russia and the world.
    We constantly check availability of new hardware and software in our subject area, and we implement the most advanced solutions into our customer projects.
    Customer feedback, approval by enterprise employees and research laboratories confirm to the high quality of our work.

    The company consists of four departments: project team, programmers, installers and marketing service.
    Project teams are joined for specific tasks and range from 2 to 8 people under the management of an experienced project manager.

    Why Altami

    More than 15 years of experience in the subject area

    Advanced team for custom projects.

    The company’s professional capabilities include:
    Microscopy equipment, static and streaming photo and video software, machine vision for pipeline production, quality control by optical methods, transport image recognition, digital microscopy set for laboratory diagnostics in industry, science and medicine.


    • System integrator in our niche
    • Save customer’s budgets
    • Keep to specs and project deadlines

    Our projects

    • Machine vision 90%
    • Quality control by optical methods 90%
    • Optoelectronic Solution 90%
    • Microscopes and laboratory diagnostics 80%

    Scheme of work


    Client's task

    Client’s task
    Manufacturing process simulation

    Manufacturing process
    Agreement of works

    Agreement of works
    Development process

    Development process


    Project Team
    Think tank

    Project managers, electronics engineers, and writers of technical documents. It's a think tank for any project.

    Code experts

    Programmers and testers. They animate the hardware and give the systems artificial intelligence and computer vision.

    Masters of "Gold Hands"

    The work of engineers ensures that the equipment and the project will work in accordance with specs. Accommodate the designed equipment with other systems on the customer's enterprise.

    Marketing Team
    Creative People

    Marketers do their best to identify as many potential customers as they can.