User guide for the Altami knowledge testing system

Application launch

To start the testing application, hold down the power button on the tablet. The button is located on the top, on the right side of the tablet.
Testing application launch
After loading the tablet, the main application interface appears:
Main testing application interface

Opening screen

After loading the application, the opening screen will display the actions for selecting the language and the location of the application user being tested.
Testing application opening screen

Set Language

To select the application language, click the “Russian” or “English” button. Then it will be automatically translated.

Choose a Job Position

To start testing, you must choose one of the following options:

  • Visitor – if you are in a factory on business and accompanied by a factory employee.
  • Employee of a contractor organization – if you work in the factory as part of a contractor organization and can be located on the territory and in the premises of the factory without factory representative accompaniment
  • Employee of JSC “BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO” – if you are an employee of the factory.


Fill in User Data

After choosing the job position, the window for filling in the information card will appear.
Fill in User Data
To continue the work, you must enter the data in the following fields:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Patronymic(optional)
  • Date of birth
  •       a) Day
          b) Month
          c) Year

  • Organization
  • Job position (only for employees of JSC “BAT” and employees of subcontractors)

After filling in the information, click the button below.
Example of filling in user data

Select Action page

After filling the information, a page for selecting further actions will appear.
To view the information video, click on the “View Video” button.
After finishing the video, select the “Begin test” action to begin the test.
Select Action page

View Video

When opening the video viewer, an information video will appear in language chosen during the application start. You can change the volume of video playback by pressing the volume change buttons on the tablet.
Adjust the volume when playing video
To turn subtitles on or off, press the “subtitle” button. To return to the action selection, double-click on the top of the screen.
Enable or disable subtitles when watching a video

To start the test

To start testing, select the “Begin test” action. After clicking on the button, the window for selecting the available tests will appear.
Choose an available test
Unavailable tests are highlighted in gray, for example, it is a test “Fire safety” above. After selecting one of the tests, the first question of the test with the answers will appear.
You must select one of the answer options and click the “Next” button.
Test pass
After passing the test, the Finish the Test window will be displayed. To return to the main application screen, click the “Finish” button.
Test pass window