4.2 Introduction to the program

Main application window

When you start the program, the main application window opens (Fig. 10).
Main application window

Fig. 10 Main application window

Here are the most popular controls:

  • The Preview window allows you to choose the best time to shoot.
  • -/+ (zoom) is used to control the optical zoom of the connected camera.
  • The Shoot button allows you to start shooting at the right time.

NOTICE: If the Use save dialog box is selected (in the file saving settings), the save dialog box will always be called, and if the flag is reset, the image will be saved in the path specified in the image saving options. When using automatic shooting, this button starts shooting. For more information on setting the shooting parameters, see the Saving parameters.

  • The Settings button displays an additional non-modal dialog with all possible settings of the application.
  • Main application menu (Fig. 11) duplicate the required action (taking the picture, open the relevant tab names on the preferences dialog and displays a help).

Main application window

Fig. 11 Main application window

RECOMMENDATION: The Help menu contains information about all features and interface elements of Altami PhotoKit. Use it if you are having trouble with the program.