4.3.2 Profiles

The Profiles tab (Fig. 13) Altami PhotoKit software allows you to save individual settings of the application, and then use them. Each profile is accompanied by information about the date of creation and the profile modification date.
The program creates the Auto profile , which records the current settings of the program, and loads it at the start of the application.
Profiles tab
Fig. 13 Profiles tab

The tab contains the following controls:

  • The Save current settings in profile under name check box allows you to save all current camera settings in the profile, and set a name that suits you (for example: “Lens 40x”, “Cast-iron”).
  • In the edit field, you specify the name of the saved profile.
  • The Save button saves the profile under the specified name.
    To save the settings, select the Save current settings in profile under name check box, enter a new name, or use the old one, then click Save (Fig. 14).

IMPORTANT: Do not use the Auto profile to save your individual settings, as it overwrites itself when you change the camera settings and end the application, as a result your settings will be lost.
Saving profile

Fig. 14 Saving profile


  • The Load profile button allows you to load one of the previously saved profiles.
  • The Delete profile button allows you to delete previously saved profiles. Before deleting the profile, the program will ask for confirmation of the action (Fig. 15).

NOTICE: You cannot delete a profile of the Auto.
Confirmation of deleting the profile

Fig. 15 Confirmation of deleting the profile


  • The Profile list allows you to view and select the profiles you want to save, load, and delete.