4.3.3 Save options

Save options tab of the Altami PhotoKit program allows you to specify the rules for creating file names when you save images, to control the auto shooting of images (Fig. 16).
Save options tab
Fig. 16 Save options tab


Forming the name of the saved file

The formation of the saved file name is controlled by the following means:

  • The Use save dialog box for each image check box allows you to select the option to save images: or the standard save dialog will be opened (Fig. 17), or you just set all the necessary parameters, and the file name will form the application without your participation.

Saving file dialog

Fig. 17 Saving file dialog


  • The Saving path field displays all changes made to the folder and file name (Fig. 18). A sequence number is added to the actual file name.

Forming the file name

Fig. 18 Forming the file name


  • The Browse button opens a dialog that allows you to select the base directory in the computer’s file system that will be used when saving images (Fig. 19).

Folder selection dialog for pictures

Fig. 19 Folder selection dialog for pictures


  • The Start of file name field is used to specify the desired beginning of the file name (prefix).

NOTICE: The prefix must contain at least one character.

  • The Save format of drop-down list allows you to select the appropriate save format: JPEG image is compressed with some loss of information, or BMP is not compressed.

JPEG is a commonly used method of lossy compression for photographic images.The JPEG algorithm is a lossy compression algorithm.The disadvantages of the format include the fact that with strong compression ratios, the block structure of the data makes itself known, the image is “divided into squares”. This effect is especially noticeable in areas with low spatial frequency (smooth transitions of the image, for example, clear sky). In areas with high spatial frequency (for example, contrasting image borders), there are characteristic “artifacts” — irregular pixel structure of distorted color and/or brightness. In addition, small color details disappear from the image.
When working with Altami PhotoKit, please note that the higher the Image quality setting, the lower the loss of information.
NOTICE: Due to the smaller amount of data processed, the application works faster with JPEG format. Images also take up significantly less disk space.

  • Day, Month, Year check boxes indicate whether the current date, month, and year should be included in the path, respectively (Fig. 18).
  • The choice Use in the file/catalog name shows how to include the current date in the path. When selecting In the file name, the date will be included in the file name, otherwise in the catalog name.
  • Separate check box shows how to include the current date in the catalog. If the check box is selected, separate catalogs corresponding to the current date will be created (for example:/2000/04/12/) or one catalog will be created (for example: /12_04_2000/).