3.3 Application settings

Application interface settings

Interface settings allow you to place at the screen the panels and tools which you may need during the analysis. The panel may “hang” in the space or be fixed left, right, below or above. Several fixed panels can be put on one another. In that case you can switch between them with the help of bookmarks.
Program settings
In order to switch on or to switch off the showing of the panel, use the menu item ViewTools and ViewPanels. Besides, the menu of panels and tools selecting can be called with clicking at free space of any tool panel or a functional panel heading. Interface is adjusted by a simple dragging of necessary panels into the place you need.
Program panels
In order not to spend time on the interface adjustment after each launch, the application settings are saved. Besides, the opened documents — files and images from cameras — are also saved. You can just launch the application and continue working with documents.

Saving settings

Saving settings

  • The adjusted interface can be saved with the help of the menu item SettingsExport configuration (Save settings to file). Thus, you shall not have to adjust the interface every time in the way which you is convenient to you.
  • It is possible to download the saved settings with the help of the menu item SettingsImport configuration (Download settings).
  • It is possible to restore the default settings with the help of the menu item SettingsDefault configuration.


Application settings

Settings dialogue can be called with the help of the menu SettingsSettings. It is divided into the following:

  • General. here it is possible to indicate the language, style of the application, view of the dialogues for saving/opening of files;
  • View. here it is possible to indicate the color of the cursor for the work with figures, turn on/turn off figures dilation, and to point out whether to reflect figures at the navigator;
  • Figures. it includes color settings of figure markings — color of circles appearing in figure bundles by marking, size of these markings, notch size for intervals and similar figures;
  • Sessions (messages by application launch and exit, autosaving settings, and so on);
  • Messages (their format and conditions of their appearing);
  • Others.