9. Automatic measurement

In Altami Studio 3.1 application you can conduct automatic measurements, that means, conduct automatic search of objects and dividing the particle size.

Automatic objects search

This is a realized in Altami Studio 3.1.0 application opportunity to quickly and without great efforts find the contours of objects.
Configured find contours allows to find objects in the image automatically. You apply the filter, and the application finds all elements of the image.
In the Filters menu select Configured find contours.
Configured find contours filter consists of several filters: group of filters for contours search (smooth, adaptive threshold, closing, opening) and draw auto measurements filter. In the previous version the user had to apply the filters himself one by one in order to find contours. Now you can use the composite filter and, if you need to, change parameters of each of the filters it is made of. (Please find more information on filters in the Filters section)


Find contours

Dividing of the glued objects

In Altami Studio 3.1.0 the possibility of dividing objects in the image is realized.
By automatic search of objects and finding its contours the computing machines not always can analyze things visible to human eye. For editing the results of machine processing Altami Studio developers have invented the way of divining the glued together objects.
The dividing of objects is carried out with the help of the interval and the filter draw delimiter measurements at the Filters panel.
In order to split objects after automatic contours search, you should add an interval between its borders. For the interval you should pick the color which would not merge with the background (for example, lighter or darker than the background). Then click with the right button of the mouse at the selected interval and choose from the appeared menu the Delimiter item. Then you just apply the filter Draw delimiter measurements, and the parts, between which the interval was drawn, become split.


Draw delimiter measurements