8.7.1 Brightness Alignment

In Altami Studio application two methods of aligning the lighting, with background and without background, are worked out. They allow to lighten the darkened parts of the image, for example, rims.

  • Brightness Alignment

The filter aligns the brightness values alongside the whole image.
In the process of applying filters at the image the operation of blurring (lower frequency filter) is used, after which the blurred image is subtracted from the original one.

Filter parameters:

  • Size.

The Size parameter determines the radius of aligning the lighting.
Brightness Alignment

  • Brightness Alignment with using background

The filter aligns brightness value while working with camera, that means, remembers the brightness map along the original image and applies it to the next image.
Filter parameters:

  • Save image (saveImage);
  • Show image (showImage).

Save image (saveImage): the filter remembers the original image. Show image which is in store (showImage): the filter shows the current stored value.