Characteristics of Altami Studio demo-version

In this document differences between Altami Studio demo-version and full-functionality version of Altami Studio application are described. Presented characteristics refer to demo-version and are switched off when the user buys full-functionality version. You can buy full-functionality version having contacted the company at
ATTENTION: Demo-version can be used only for acquaintance purposes. Using demo-version for any purposes including commercial use is strictly forbidden.

Description of characteristics

Demo-version has the following characteristics:

  • Demo-version mark in an intro which appears by the launch of application;
  • Demo-version mark in the heading of the main window;
  • Demo-version mark in About menu (HelpAbout…);
  • Demo-version banner in the center of each document window;
  • The application automatically closes after 15 minutes of work but can be launched again.

This characteristics are switched off after purchasing and installing the full-functionality version of the application.