3.1 First application launch

In order to launch the application use the Altami Studio shortcut at the desktop or the menu item StartProgramsAltami LtdAltami Studio 3.1. Besides, application can be launched from the folder where it was installed (usually it is C:\Program Files\Altami Ltd\Altami Studio 3.1\).
After the launch the main window of the application shall appear:
Main window
By the fist launch of the application there appears a dialogue allowing to indicate the folders for saving images, reports, and frames received as the result of fast capture and autocapture. Folders for saving reports and frames are indicated according to working folder (Folder for saving images). It is also possible, having put the tick at the respective menu item, to change the folder for saving.
After you have closed the dialogue window for defining the saving path of files, you can start working.
In order to connect the camera, use the menu item FileConnect device, please find more details on camera adjustment in Work with camera section.
Connect camera
If you have no camera, you can use demonstration possibilities of the application. In Altami Studio the opportunity to conduct measurements on video stream without connecting camera is worked out. In order to do that, in Connect device panel select in the Device menu Test sequence device : birds or Test sequence device: fish options. As the result of this action you will have a videostream of frames is if you were reproducing it from camera. You can make measurements on this stream, and apply to frames any of the presented in the application filters.
Test sequence device : birds
On the use and application of filters in Altami Studio application you can read tutorials (illustrated step by step instructions). In order to do that, enter the menu HelpTutorial… and select from the appeared list tutorial on the filter which interests you.
Reading tutorial you can, following the author, repeat in the application its actions on processing the image. Images used by writing tutorials are in the folder of the Altami Studio 3.1.0 application you have installed (by default it is C:/Program Files/Altami Ltd/Altami Studio 3.1/tutorials/pictures/). For opening the image in the application select the menu item FileOpen. After that the document window must open in the application.
Open file
With the help of tutorials you will know not only the purpose of filters, but also understand what values of filter parameters you should change in order to achieve the necessary result of image processing.