8.2.5 Flip

The Flip filter allows to analyze the elements of the image or the photo from the side which is reverse to their current position. That means, this transformation is needed in order to reflect the image in a mirror-like way.
This operation may be useful by creating the mirror effect in water, in a mirror, in glass and in other reflecting surfaces; by work with negatives, and also by the use of printers and scanners. Besides, the Fliр filter is also applied by transformation of the original image in order to form the unique for the browsers picture.
Filter parameters:

  • Horizontal;
  • Vertical.

It is possible to carry out the mirror-like reflection in the application by two ways: horizontally and vertically. By horizontal reflection the original image is reflected in relation to its vertical axis X. By vertical – in relation to the horizontal axis Y.
Image flip (horizontal)
Image flip (vertical)