10.1 Multifocus

In Altami Studio 3.1.0 application we realized creating of multifocus image both “live from camera” and on several documents (images), stored at the disk.


Multifocus tool allows to make of images with different values of focus distance a picture in such a way that all its elements were in focus.

Tasks and possibilities

Multifocus tool is necessary for building a sharp photo from several blurry photos.

Calling the panel

Select the Multifocus tool. The window of the Multifocus tool shall be opened (or window of Multfocus image from camera — for the work in real time mode).

Multifocus panel description

Then it is necessary to select the most sharp areas of the images. This can be done by two methods:
Building of laplacian pyramid
Choice of the most contrast pixels
In the first case the so-called laplacian pyramid is built, it characterizes the accuracy of the image at each approximation level.
In the second case a contrast of an area around pixel is calculated. The more is the contrast of this area, the more accurate this pixel at this image is.
Select the files — images of the same object made with different focusing. Successively click on them holding the Ctrl button.
Click the Apply button.
The application shall make all the necessary transformations and show the result in a new document of the application. Close the master window with the Close button.
Attention! For the correct work of the tool it is necessary that the original images were different only in focusing. The images cannot be displaced in relation to one another.


Original images (only part of the images is shown):
Images for multifocus
Please find more information on settings and the use of filter in the step by step instruction Tutorial on the use of Multifocus filter.