Setting the white balance in Altami Studio and Altami VideoKit

Used instruments: white balance setting.

Objects of research: a white sheet of paper.

Task: to adjust the white balance by hand.
NOTE. Tutorial does not contain the information on all the possibilities of the application. Here the optimal way of solving the task set is offered.

Step 1. Launch of the application

Launch the Altami Studio (or
Altami VideoKit
). For launching the application use the Altami Studio sortcut at the workbench or the menu item StartProgramsAltami LtdAltami Studio 3.0. Besides, the application can be launched from a folder into which it was installed (usually it is C:\Program Files\Altami Ltd\Altami Studio 3.0\).

Step 2. Connecting camera

In order to connect camera use the menu item FileConnect device (picture 1).
Connecting device

Picture 1. Connecting device

In the device list of the Device menu find the model of the connected camera and in the Mode point find the play mode.
Click OK. After that you can connect camera.

Step 3. Search of the white object

Place under the microscope an object which is considered white. For example, you can use a sheet of white paper.

Step 4. Reset of camera settings

Reset camera settings. Set the parameter values as it is shown below:
RGB: 128

Brightness: 1

Saturation: 127

Gamma: 20

Shutter: max (parameter responsible for lightness)

Gain: 1

Frames Exposure: 0 (parameter responsible for lightness)

Bits: High (parameter responsible for lightness)

Step 5. Work with histogram — adjustment of lightness

By lightness setting of the microscope move the histogram into the center as it is shown in the picture 3.(a и b, c и d).
Adjust histogram – step 1
Adjust histogram – step 1

Picture 3. Histogram


Step 6. Continuing to work with the histogram

By sliders R, G и B reach the situation when the peaks of the respective components are aligned in the histogram center as it is shown at picture 4. (a и b, c и d).
Adjust histogram – step 2
Adjust histogram – step 2

Picture 4. Histogram


Step 7. Lighting correction

Correct the lighting with the microscope.

Step 8. End of the white balance setting

Remove from under the microscope a white item and direct camera at the examined object. Proceed to work.