8.7.2 Sub background

By processing images or photos it is often necessary to change or fully delete the background, as it sometimes hinders the visual analysis of objects in the image. For example, if there are excessive details at the background, defects, and so on. In Altami Studio application this possibility is worked out.
The filter of background deleting (compensation) deletes the points which look like the background. With its help you can leave in the image some objects, figures, or image, having deleted the background.
Filter parameters:

  • Background fluctuation (dist);
  • White background (isWhiteBackground).

The Background fluctuation (dist) parameter determines the color distance by which the pixel is considered to be the similar to background. The more is its value, the less sensitive the filter is to the background fluctuations.
By default the background is changed to the black color. If you turn on the White background (isWhiteBackground) the background color shall become white.
Please find more information on settings and the use of filter in the step by step instruction Tutorial on the use of Sub background filter.
Background deleting