1. On Altami VideoKit application

On Altami VideoKit application

Altami VideoKit application is designed for controlling ocular video cameras from 0.3 up to 5.0 MPix. It allows to watch videos in live mode and make photos.
Altami VideoKit application supports work with Altami cameras and most of devices supporting Microsoft DirectShow Interface: videocamera, TV-tuner, and so on.
It allows:

  • to use the whole monitor screen for viewing images in real time mode;
  • to save captures in popular formats;
  • to configure paths for saving images.

The application also allows to exercise preview of images, which gives opportunity to adjust the image. All settings, which you work with, are being saved.

System Requirements

  • Operating systems:


1. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista;

2. The application works with most of Linux distributives, the testing has been conducted at Alt Linux, Open Suse 11.3, Centos 5.5, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and later (х86 and х64 architectures);

3. Mac OS X 10.6.


  • Processor with timing frequency from 1 GHz, it is recommended to use processor with higher timing frequency;
  • Short term memory from 512 MB;
  • Graphic adapter should provide the work in TrueColor mode (24 or 32 bits for pixel);
  • For work with cameras it is necessary to have a free USB-port on a separate USB-hub for each camera.